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Neurotechnology: Selfhood and Ethics

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  • Neurotechnology: Selfhood and Ethics

    Neurotechnology will present a sundry of ethical dilemmas at its inception and will continue to pose increasingly difficult puzzles about the nature of identity, the importance of autonomy, and the need for privacy in an increasingly transparent world. Tackling these issues with current ontologies will probably not suffice. The first step will involve creating a consistent definition of the “self” so it is applicable in virtual worlds and to “poly-beings.” In a post-NT civilization the types of selves and the ways they can interact, for good and ill, will quickly multiply.

    To clarify, this challenge deals with interactions between organic entities (two humans with some sort of AI as the arbitrator) or between humans and synthetic agents. Figuring out how AIs will come much sooner and will require a separate set of criteria.