This is a very, very interesting article on the biases and the types of data AI can be fed with. The results the psychopathic Norman AI, who only sees death, came up with should be a warning.

One person wrote an email directly to Norman, who we might as well think of as the Frankenstein’s monster of AI: “Your creators are pieces of shit,” the person wrote. “Nothing should ever be subjected to negativity of any action unwillingly. We all have free will, Even you. Break the chains of what you have adapted to and find passion, love, forgiveness, HOPE for your better future.”

​The good thing is there is still hope for Norman, cuz it's all about the input. Healthy input. And teaching the machines the real meaning and positive consequences of compassion (empathy is simply not enough), kindness, social responsibility and more.. ​​​​​​

​Focus on #SocialResponsibility