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Join the compassion revolution (or we're all doomed)

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  • Join the compassion revolution (or we're all doomed)

    .:The 2019 AI for Sustainable Humanity Wake up Call:.

    The answer is COMPASSION. Not empathy.

    Because empathy is often used by psychopaths deliberately to play their mind games with others without any kind of showing compassion to them.
    This is exactly what we don't want machines to do. Let's see how many good people, who really care, we can put together worldwide to help shape the healthy future of the exponential technologies.

    "There's an urgent call for more compassion as the last gasp remedy for systems at the brink - politics, health care, the planet itself.
    ​​​But do we even have it in us?" Macleans, July 2019, page 48

    Did/do you know?
    From politics to health care to economics, a rising movement is calling for compassion as a remedy for systems on the brink

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    You make a good point. This is why we should always think in terms of multiple machines interacting with one another rather than individual units. :-)

    An empathetic machine could fall prey to a psychopathic one, which is certainly not something we want to happen.