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    A short but informative article on the current state-of-the-art in emotional AI, and the emerging need for it. This is a task that EthicsNet aims to create datasets for.
    Artificial intelligence is already making our devices more personal — from simplifying daily tasks to increasing productivity. Emotion AI (also called affective computing) will take this to new heights by helping our devices understand our moods. That means we can expect smart refrigerators that in…

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    Understanding emotion is crucial to understanding intention, which certainly ties into how we judge people's actions. It also is important to understanding how our actions affect others. The question is whether empathy is always a desirable trait in a sentient being. In many ways it is tantamount to loyalty, at least insofar as it is identification with a thing (unless it is some sort of lofty universal compassion for all living beings, but that is more of a state of mind than something we can achieve in the near future). What I mean is there will be times in synthetic intelligences will have to weigh their loyalties towards an assortment of people, institutions, corporations, etc. Selling a pharmaceutical stock at an opportune time could mean massive profits for an investor, but could harm the company and whoever would benefit from the treatments it is developing.
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