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Raising AI Babies

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  • Raising AI Babies

    This article from Michael Biltz reflects the spirit of EthicsNet very nicely:

    'For businesses, this means changing how they view AI — from systems that are programmed to systems that learn. After all, education isn’t about teaching someone to do one task, it’s giving someone the tools to approach and solve problems themselves. This is the approach businesses must take with AI. “Raising” AI requires addressing many of the same challenges we encounter raising and educating children. This includes things like fostering an understanding of right and wrong, imparting knowledge without bias, and building self-reliance while emphasizing the importance of collaborating and communicating with others.'

    'This process depends on data — the right data, and a lot of it. As children learn to communicate, they often use gestures before words. Ultimately, however, they must achieve the taxonomy of language to scale their understanding of the world. Similarly, a company’s AI starts from basic principles, then progressively builds its skills from set taxonomical structures. The companies with the best data available to train their AI will create the most capable AI systems.'
    Researchers at Mt. Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine in New York have a unique collaborator: an in-house artificial intelligence system known as Deep Patient. The researchers have taught Deep Patient to predict risk factors for 78 different diseases by feeding it electronic health records from 700,00…

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    There is tremendous variation between brains and a good environment is not guaranteed to produce an ethical person. No doubt insights will be gleaned from backwards engineering the brain. This, we can hope, will provide us with some of gory details about how different cognitive architectures interface with their surroundings to produce maps for future behavior and thought patterns.

    Maybe the first "conscious" synthetic intelligences for some time will have a learning rate similar to our own in ambiguous situations - like navigating through everyday life. If this is case they will be a lot like human babies.
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      That sounds like a nice story, Miyabhar.