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A Possible Ethical Imperative Based on the Entropy Law

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  • A Possible Ethical Imperative Based on the Entropy Law

    As suggested in this paper, there seems to be a universal ethical imperative that we can all converge to. This research also connects well with the theories and ideas Nell and I have been developing. We think there is something much more fundamental at the core of 'morality', we also think this connects to the emergence of all life and intelligence in the universe. We recently developed a new theory to describe how neurons work based off of these ideas. And will be leading a research team at Oxford to look into applying our theories and insights to developing better AI and possibly better models of ethics based on entropy maximization.
    Lindsay in an article titled, “Entropy consumption and values in physical science,” (Am. Sci. 1959, 47, 678–696) proposed a Thermodynamic Imperative similar to Kant’s Ethical Categorical Imperative. In this paper, after describing the concept of ethical imperative as elaborated by Kant, we provide a brief discussion of the role of science and its relationship to the classical thermodynamics and the physical implications of the first and the second laws of thermodynamics. We finally attempt to extend and supplement Lindsay’s Thermodynamic Imperative (TI), by another Imperative suggesting simplicity, conservation, and harmony.
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