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  • Objective Rationality

    This is a philosophy I had developed and written about 4 years ago, and would like to share it here to see what others think. Though it's less of a philosophy and more of a objective statement of reality, as philosophies generally try tell you or give you guidance as to what you should do. Yet at no point here do I state what I think one should do with this information. I simply present it as clearly as I can.

    (Some philosophical ideas i worked on back when i was in high school. They were in part inspired by Nietzsche's 'Will To Power') I have ...
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    I've never been a fan of the more radical forms of perspectivism and subjectivism out there. I certainly think it can be reconciled with OpenEth (Ah, I will have to stop calling it that some day) EthicsNet's vision. Presumably with enough data an "objective" morality of sorts will emerge rooted in the reality of the world and with the values given to the AIs by their creators.